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On the narrative significance of such gestures as leaping and throwing in various episodes from the Ulster Cycle (Búan’s death in Fled Bricrenn, the encounter with king Buan’s daughter in the Táin, etc.).

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Ó Cathasaigh (Tomás): Ailill and Medb: a marriage of equals.
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Repr. in Coire sois, pp. 249-258.

Discusses the introductory ‘pillow-talk’ episode in Táin bó Cúailnge rec. II. In Appendix: Addendum on ar/for tinchur.

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In Ulidia 2 (2009), pp. 66–80.
Argues Statius’ description of Pavor’s action in Thebaid 7.114ff provided the literary model for the use of the ‘alternatives device’ in the Táin's account of Mac Roth’s vision (Rec. II, ll.4168ff).

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Suggests diad in personal name (Fer) Diad derives from gen. *dwi-pod-os of PIE *dwi-pod-s ‘two-footed’.

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