Ó Siadhail (Mícheál): Roinnt athrúintí suntasacha i gcanúint Chonallach.
In Ériu 30 (1979), pp. 142–147.
Based on the speech of one houselhold in Na Machaireacha, Gaoth Dobhair, Donegal: 1. -/xˊə/ in 3 sg. fem. and -/fə/ in 3 pl. forms of the compound preposition i ndéidh, e.g. ina déidh-che ‘after her’, ina ndéidh-fa ‘after them’; 2. é féin following 3 sg. masc. prepositional pronouns; 3. Generalisation of ina sheasamh, ina shuí, etc. with every person; 4. Variation in article between an and an t- with masc. nouns beg. with s- in the nom. sg. (e.g. an tsiopa) and also with masc. nouns beg. with a vowel in nom. sg. and when preceded by a preposition (e.g. an airgead, ar an t-éadan); 5. ag goil + vn + object pronoun; 6. The direct in place of the indirect relative particle; 7. más mómás fearr.



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