Ériu: founded as the journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature 59 (2009)
Royal Irish Academy
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 39 (2013), pp. 342-343.
McLaughlin (Roisin): Fénius Farsaid and the alphabets.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 1–24.
Discusses evidence for an alternative account of Fénius’s role in the invention of the alphabet characterized by Isidorian influence, and suggests that Fénius’s increased prominence in the legend originates in the Middle Irish commentary tradition on Auraicept na n-éces.

McLeod (Neil): Crólige mbáis.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 25–36.
vs. D. A. Binchy's interpretation (in Ériu 12 (1938), pp. 78-134; cf. Best2 2175) of Bretha crólige §2 (as ed. by D. A. Binchy 1938; cf. Best2 2174); argues that this legal term maintained the same meaning throughout its textual history.

Boyd (Matthieu): Competing assumptions about the drúth in Orgain Denna Ríg.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 37–47.
On Cobthach and Labraid’s different interpretations of the relationship between a drúth and his king.

Isaac (G. R.): A note on the name of Ireland in Irish and Welsh.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 49–55.
OIr. Ériu.

McManus (Damian): Good-looking and irresistible: the hero from early Irish saga to classical poetry.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 57–109.
Discusses the role of male physical beauty in Irish literature, arguing that the elements and themes in the set description of the patron in classical verse derive from the duinedíglaim, or ‘personal profile’, of kings and heroes in early narrative literature.

Breatnach (Liam): Araile felmac féig don Mumain: unruly pupils and the limitations of satire.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 111–136.
From TCD MS H 3. 18. Includes poem (4qq.) Oidh ar huilleth n-oīsmentai, with a discussion of the metre aí ḟresligi; with English translation and notes. Cf. K. Meyer's edition (in ZCP 7.304 [Best1, p. 122]).

Rodway (Simon): What language did St. Patrick swear in?
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 139–151.
Proposes an alternative Irish etymology for St. Patrick’s oath modebroth.

Griffith (Aaron): Varia: I. Notes on the Milan Glosses: 21b10.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 153–154.

Griffith (Aaron): Varia: I. 2. Notes on the Milan Glosses: 28c17 báinfeiti.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 154–157.

Griffith (Aaron): Varia: I. 3. Old Irish cré, gen. crïad and MW pridd ‘clay’.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 157–158.
ad P. Schrijver, IncLing 26 (2003), pp. 59-96.

Stifter (David): Varia: II. A rule for z-deletion in Irish?
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 159–164.
vs. GOI §218. Includes a discussion of the etymology of OIr. sochuide.