Journal of Indo-European studies 34/1-2 (Spring/Summer, 2006)
Institute for the Study of Man
Bek-Pedersen (Karen): Oppositions and cooperations in the Baldr myth, with Irish and Welsh parallels.
In JIES 34/1-2 (Spring/Summer, 2006), pp. 5–26.
Searches for parallels in Cath Maige Tuired.

Shaw (John): Indo-European dragon-slayers and healers, and the Irish account of Dian Cécht and Méiche.
In JIES 34/1-2 (Spring/Summer, 2006), pp. 153–181.
Examines the parallels between the Indo-Iranian myth of the dragon-slayer and the killing of Méiche mentioned in the Dindshenchas of Berba.