Innes review: journal of the Scottish Catholic Historical Association 51/2 (Autumn 2000)
Edinburgh University Press
Meckler (Michael): Carnal love and priestly ordination on sixth-century Tiree.
In IR 51/2 (Autumn 2000), pp. 95–108.
On the episode in Adomnán’s Life of Columba concerning the ordination of Áed Dub by Finchán.

Taylor (Simon): Columba east of Drumalban: some aspects of the cult of Columba in eastern Scotland.
In IR 51/2 (Autumn 2000), pp. 109–128.

MacGregor (Martin): Genealogies of the clans: contributions to the study of MS 1467.
In IR 51/2 (Autumn 2000), pp. 131–146.
NLS, Advocates’ Library MS 72.1.1.