Eighteenth-century Ireland: Iris an dá chultúr 20 (2005)
Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society
Carpenter (Andrew), Ross (Ian Campbell): Alan Harrison (1943–2005).
In ECI 20 (2005), pp. 9–10.

Carpenter (Andrew): Some reflections on the first twenty years of the Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society and of its journal Eighteenth-century Ireland / Iris an dá chultúr.
In ECI 20 (2005), pp. 11–16.

Ní Úrdail (Meidhbhín): Annála Inse Faithleann an ochtú céad déag agus Cath Chluain Tarbh.
In ECI 20 (2005), pp. 104–199.
Discussion of: (1) the 'Dublin Annals of Inisfallen’; (2) the 'MacCurtin Annals of Inisfallen; (3) the ‘O’Longan’s Annals of Inisfallen’ (Jesuit Archives IL 1).

Donlan (Seán Patrick): ‘The places most fit for this purpose’: Francis Stoughton Sullivan and legal study at the University of Dublin (1761–6).
In ECI 20 (2005), pp. 120–139.