Ériu: founded as the journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature 28 (1977)
Royal Irish Academy
Rev. by
Édouard Bachellery, in ÉtC 17 (1980), pp. 325-328.
Wagner (H.): The archaic Dind Ríg poem and related problems.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 1–16.
On the importance of the poem with regard to (a) the early historical and pseudo-historical traditions of the Leinstermen, (b) the study of archaic poetry and its syntax and style. Revised edition with literal translation. Beg. Dind Ríg rúad túaim tenbath.

Mac Eoin (Gearóid S.): The lament for Cuimine Fota.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 17–31.
Eight stanzas assembled from quotations in various texts. Authorship of Colmán ua Cluasaig (7th cent.) rejected. Three separate parts distinguished; linguistically dated to 10th/11th centuries. First line Marbh friom andes marbh antuaidh. Variorum edition, with Engl. transl. and notes. Based on MSS Brussels 5301-20; Rawlinson B 503, RIA C iii 3; Harley 5280; TCD H 2. 16 (YBL); RIA D ii 1 (Book of Uí Maine); RIA 23 P 16 (Leabhar Breac), TCD H 3. 18.

Ó Coileáin (Seán): The making of Tromdám Guaire.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 32–70.

Ó Corráin (Donnchadh): The education of Diarmait Mac Murchada.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 71–81.

Oskamp (Hans): The Irish quatrains and salutation in the Drummond Missal.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 82–91.
Edition with translation and commentary of three marginal quatrains (beg. Salcaid aenchap anart lín, Timcheallmait relic maic Dé, Niro aisce aisc it bíu resp.) and salutation in which St. Kevin welcomes St. Ciarán Saigre to his cell (beg. Is mochen a noeb-chlerig to which St Ciarán replies beg. A Choemgin a chloch-adbaig). Texts dated to 10th cent., and ed. from New York, Pierpont Morgan MS M 627. Some palaeoghraphic discussion of hands of MS. Contains 6 plates.

Ó Buachalla (Breandán): and cha in Ulster Irish.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 92–141.
1. Scottish Gaelic influence [on Ulster Ir.]; 2. O’Rahilly’s theory [cf. Best2 527]; 3. Present for future in Ulster Irish; 4. Present for future in Early Irish; 5. A reconstruction of the data; 6. An alternative interpretation [cha associated with ‘informal’ style in Ulster].

Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Varia: I. A note on Old Irish sraithi, sraithius.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 142–144.
ad C. Watkins, in Ériu 18 (1958), pp. 85-101 (cf. BILL 3261).
Watkins (Calvert) (ref.)

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: II. 1. imb ·said-, impuide.
In Ériu 28 (1977), p. 145.
ad E. P. Hamp, in Ériu 24 (1973), p. 175-177 [Varia I: 8. Some compounds of téit: 6. imb·said- v. n. impuide ‘besiege’].

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: II. 2. *Haéndhi and *Hambhí.
In Ériu 28 (1977), p. 145.
ad E. P. Hamp, in Ériu 24 (1973), pp. 163-167 [Varia I: 2. Notes on some Indo-European preverbs]. Argues that OIr. and- and imb- are respectively the old locative and instrumental of a PIE root noun *Haen- ‘top’.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: II. 3. *Heńdhi and *Heembhi.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 145–146.
Discusses the irregular PIE ablaut patterns underlying OIr. ind and W ym.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: II. 4. Two Celtic reflexes of *i̯em-.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 146–147.
ad E. P. Hamp, in Ériu 24 (1973), pp. 172-74. On do ·em, dítiu, and compounds of -em.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: II. 5. fairsing.
In Ériu 28 (1977), p. 148.
Argues that it is an intensive in for of an o-grade adjective *eks-ongi-.

Penney (J. H. W.): Varia: III. Weak and strong i-verbs in Old Irish.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 149–154.

Greene (David): Varia: IV. 1. feras, banas, and some related abstracts.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 155–167.
Studies the formation and meaning of abstract in -as.

Greene (David): Varia: IV. 2. ‘Cheap’ and ‘dear’ in Modern Irish.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 161–167.
saor, daor, and derivates.

Mac Cana (Proinsias): An instance of modified narrative repetition in Fled Bricrenn.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 168–172.
ad LU 8507-50.