Carey (John): On the interrelationships of some Cín Dromma Snechtai texts.
In Ériu 46 (1995), pp. 71–92.
1. The Mongán tales (Argues that all four tales are are the work of a single author: (a) Scél asa mberar combad hé Find mac Cumaill Mongán; (b) Tucait Baile Mongáin; (c) Compert Mongáín; (d) Scél Mongáin); 2. Tucait Baile Mongáin and Baile Chuinn Chétchathaig [and Baile in Scáil] (Concludes that TBM and Scél asa mberar represent texts in which southern traditions are appropriated by a northern author ); 3. The Imacallam texts, Immram Brain, and the Mongán tales (Immacallam Choluim Chille 7 ind Óclaig and Immacallam in Druad Brain 7 inna Banḟátho Febuil); 4. Echtrae Chonlai and Immram Brain; 5. ‘The Midland group’ (Claims these date from the reign of Fínnechta Fledach mac Dúnchada, perhaps from the years 688-9); 6. Tochmarc Étaíne.



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