Journal of the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society 20 (1987)
Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society
de Brún (Pádraig), Pierse (John H.): Lament for Garrett Pierse of Aghamore, slain at Liscarroll, 1642.
In JKAHS 20 (1987), pp. 5–27.
Táinig anoir 'na rith na scéala (33 qq.), normalised from a private MS in possession of P. de Brún, Jesuit Archives IL 8 and Huntington HM 4543; with English translation and notes.

Ó Mainín (Mícheál): Verbum scriptum manet.
In JKAHS 20 (1987), pp. 28–31.
Text in of a 19th c. sermon from Kenmare (Co. Kerry), in semi-phonetic spelling, by a non-native speaker.

Ó Lúing (Seán): Marie-Louise Sjoestedt, Celtic Scholar (1900–1940).
In JKAHS 20 (1987), pp. 79–93.
Reprinted in Celtic studies in Europe, pp. 111–124.