Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society 105 (2000)
Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
Donnelly (Seán): A Cork musician at the early Stuart court: Daniel Duff O’Cahill (c. 1580-c. 1660), ‘the Queen’s harper’.
In JCHAS 105 (2000), pp. 1–26.

MacCotter (Paul): The cantreds of Desmond.
In JCHAS 105 (2000), pp. 49–68.
Covers Co. Cork, Co. Kerry and Co. Limerick.

Manning (Conleth): Limited excavation at the Ogham stones at Greenhill.
In JCHAS 105 (2000), pp. 107–112.
CIIC nos. 57 and 58.

Ó hÚrdail (Roibeárd): Maritime matters in the making of seamen and fishermen in Cape Clear.
In JCHAS 105 (2000), pp. 113–120.
Four items in Irish on seamanship, recorded from Mícheál Ó Dálaigh (b. 1910), Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork.