Taylor (Simon) (ed.): The uses of place-names / edited by Simon Taylor.
Edinburgh: Scottish Cultural Press, 1998. xiv + 190 pp. (St. John’s House Papers, 7).
Papers from a conference held in St. Andrews, February 1996.

Rev. by
Dauvit Broun, in The Scottish historical review 79/2 (Oct., 2000), pp. 247-248.
Thomas O’Loughlin, in IR 49/2 (Autumn, 1998), pp. 186-187.


Ó Maolalaigh (Roibeard): Place-names as a resource for the historical linguist.
In Uses of place-names (1998), pp. 12–53.
Discusses a number of linguistic features of Irish and Scottish place-names, incl. fossils of neuter gender, lenition, eclipsis, and -in ⁓ -ie variation and -ach in Scottish place-names.

Meek (Donald E.): Place-names and Literature: evidence from the Gaelic Ballads.
In Uses of place-names (1998), pp. 147–168.
The use of place-names in various Fenian ballds, incl. Beann Ghulbain (Laoidh Dhiarmaid, beg. Gleann Síodh an gleann so rém thaoibh), Carn Fraoich, Loch Máigh (Laoidh Fhraoich, beg. Osnadh carad a Cluain Fraoich), etc.