Ó Concheanainn (Tomás): The scribe of the Leabhar Breac.
In Ériu 24 (1973), pp. 64–79.
Identifies hand of LB (MS RIA 23 P 16) (with that of YBL (MS TCD H 2. 16)) cols 281-344 and parts of Book of Lecan (MS RIA 23 P 2)) as Murchadh (Riabhach) Ó Cuindlis. Also contains two appendices: Appendix I: Times and places of writing mentioned in marginalia from the scribe’s hand; Appendix II: A note on the scribe of the Book of Lecan (Gilla Ísa Mac Fir Bhisigh, Murchadh Ó Cuindlis, Adam Ó Cuirnín).



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