Studia Celtica 39 (2005)
University of Wales Press
Williams (Éimear): Bealtaine and Imbolg (oimelc) in Cormac’s Glossary.
In StC 39 (2005), pp. 123–143.
Examines the definitions of bel, belltaine and oimelc in Cormac’s Glossary and criticises the received assumptions concerning the festivals of Beltaine and Imbolg which derive from a wrong interpretation of these particular glosses.

Russell (Paul): Welsh *Cynnwgl and related matters.
In StC 39 (2005), pp. 181–188.
OIr. (Cormac’s Glossary) ceinticul, cennticul, etc.

Lockwood (W. B.): Old Irish fann ‘back-door’: a possible etymology.
In StC 39 (2005), pp. 199–200.