Studia Celtica 38 (2004)
University of Wales Press
Isaac (G. R.): The nature and origins of the Celtic languages: Atlantic seaways, Italo-Celtic and other paralinguistic misapprehensions.
In StC 38 (2004), pp. 49–58.
Criticism of the model of development of the Celtic languages set out in Barry Cunliffe's Facing the ocean (Oxford 2001) and Donald Ringe et al. in TPS 100 (2002), pp. 59-129.

Mc Carthy (Daniel): The original compilation of the Annals of Ulster.
In StC 38 (2004), pp. 69–96.
A study of textual, palaeographical and codicological aspects of MS TCD H 1. 8, focusing on the annals of folios 12-14.

Heinz (Sabine): Nécrologie: Martin Rockel, 1928–2003.
In StC 38 (2004), pp. 185–186.