Studia Hibernica 33 (2004–2005)
Coláiste Phádraig
Keogh (Raymond M.): Palladius: Bishop or phantom?
In StH 33 (2004–2005), pp. 7–27.
Studies the relationship between St. Patrick and Palladius, and argues in favour of the two being the same person.

Haggart (Craig): Feidlimid mac Crimthainn and the óentu Maíle Ruain.
In StH 33 (2004–2005), pp. 29–59.
Interprets Feidlimid’s actions as motivated by his céli Dé ideals.

Cunningham (Bernadette), Gillespie (Raymond): James Ussher and his Irish manuscripts.
In StH 33 (2004–2005), pp. 81–99.
Surveys the Irish language manuscripts to which Ussher had access, and examines the network of scholars of which he was part.

Morley (Vincent): The idea of Britain in eighteenth-century Ireland and Scotland.
In StH 33 (2004–2005), pp. 101–124.
Examines the semantic range of Breatain in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

Breeze (Andrew): An Irish etymology for smulkin ‘brass farthing’.
In StH 33 (2004–2005), pp. 147–148.
< smuilcín ‘snout’.