Studia Hibernica 32 (2002–2003)
Coláiste Phádraig
Keogh (Raymond M.): Patrick and the Prosper connection.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 7–34.
Argues that Patrick and Prosper were contemporaries and comments on the chronology of Patrick’s life and writings.

Haggart (Craig): Abbatial contention in Armagh in the eight and ninth centuries: the Comarbada Pátraic as a source.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 35–58.
Attempts to determine the historical value of the glosses added to the text, in particular those appended to the LL version.

Ryan (Salvador): The persuasive power of a mother’s breast: the most desperate act of the Virgin Mary’s advocacy.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 59–74.
Discusses a European religious literary motif, including Irish examples.

Ní Úrdail (Meidhbhín): Seachadadh agus seachadóirí téacsaí san ochtú agus sa naoú céad déag.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 75–98.
Studies the transmission of texts in the post-classical period, focusing on the Ó Longáin scribal family.

Ó Buachalla (Breandán): Ceol na filíochta.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 99–132.
Studies the formulae ar fhonn, ar ghuth, etc. used by scribes to indicate the tune to which poems should be sung.

Byrnes (Gregory): The linguistic work of Michael Sheehan.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 179–185.