McManus (Damian): Niall Frosach’s ‘act of truth’: a Bardic apologue in a poem for Sir Nicholas Walsh, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas (†1615).
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 133–168.
Labhram ar iongnaibh Éireann (43 qq.), attributed to Tuileagna Ó Maoil Chonaire. Text from RIA 23 L 17; with English translation and notes. Appendix I: Diplomatic edition of the two copies of the Middle Irish story of Niall Frosach’s judgement, from the Book of Leinster and the Liber flavus Fergusiorum. Appendix II: A shorter version of the same story from the Leabhar Eoghanach (Book of the O’Neills).



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