Ériu: founded as the journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature 58 (2008)
Royal Irish Academy
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 38 (2012), pp. 357-359.
Breatnach (Liam): Cinnus atá do thinnrem: a poem to Máel Brigte on his coming of age.
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 1–35.
41 qq., edited from BL Additional 30512 and Brussels 20978-9; with English translation and notes.

Simms (Katharine): The Donegal poems in the Book of Fenagh.
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 37–53.
Discusses the additional verse material copied from the lost ‘Old book of St. Caillín’ into RIA MS 23 P 26, particularly the poems Conall cuingid Cloinni Néill, Enna dalta Cairpri cruaid, A eolcha Conaill ceoluig, Atá sunn senchus nach suaill, A liubhair ta ar do lar, Cairbre Eogan Enna eim and Estid re Conall calma.

Griffith (Aaron): The animacy hierarchy and the distribution of the notae augentes in Old Irish.
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 55–75.
Argues that a hierarchy governs which nota augens may appear in a verb agreeing with an infix pronoun.

Bisagni (Jacopo), Warntjes (Immo): The Early Old Irish material in the newly discovered Computus Einsidlensis (c. AD 700).
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 77–105.
Provides a linguistic analysis of the Irish material in Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 321 (647).

Imhoff (Helen): The themes and structure of Aided Echach maic Maireda.
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 107–131.
Provides a survey of references to this story and a literary analysis focusing on its theological themes, in particular that of the sacrament of baptism.

McManus (Damian): Niall Frosach’s ‘act of truth’: a Bardic apologue in a poem for Sir Nicholas Walsh, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas (†1615).
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 133–168.
Labhram ar iongnaibh Éireann (43 qq.), attributed to Tuileagna Ó Maoil Chonaire. Text from RIA 23 L 17; with English translation and notes. Appendix I: Diplomatic edition of the two copies of the Middle Irish story of Niall Frosach’s judgement, from the Book of Leinster and the Liber flavus Fergusiorum. Appendix II: A shorter version of the same story from the Leabhar Eoghanach (Book of the O’Neills).

Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh (Ailís): Varia: I. The modus operandi of the author of the TBC-LL as exemplified by Mellgleó nIliach and Medb’s fúal.
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 169–180.
[1.] Compares the two versions of Mellgleó nIliach and suggests that the author of Recension II changed and omitted original satirical elements so as to present the Ulstermen in a more favourable light. [2.] Argues against attempts at a positive interpretation of the episode of Medb’s urination/menstruation, and suggests that the redactor of Recension II deliberately used the motif to create a misogynistic portrayal of Medb.

McManus (Damian): Varia: II. IGT citations; more identifications.
In Ériu 58 (2008), p. 181.

Jørgensen (Anders Richardt): Varia: III. An additional cognate of Gaulish souxtu and Irish suacht: Old Cornish seit.
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 183–185.