Studia Hibernica 30 (1998–1999)
Coláiste Phádraig
Mac Cuarta (Brian): A settler’s land disputes in a Gaelic lordship: Matthew De Renzy in Delvin Mac Coghlan, 1613-18.
In StH 30 (1998–1999), pp. 63–88.
Provides documents relating to a property litigation, with some Gaelic material.

Hall (K. E.): Athbhreithniú ar Comhairle Comissarius na cléire.
In StH 30 (1998–1999), pp. 89–118.

Ó Catháin (Diarmaid): General Baron Edmund Harold (1737–1808): a ‘Celtic’ writer in Germany.
In StH 30 (1998–1999), pp. 119–153.
Examines the life and work of an Irish translator and imitator of James Macpherson, and discusses his role in the reception of Ossian by German writers.

de Barra (Séamas): An chairt bheathaisnéise ag Pilib Barún ar Bhrian ‘Merriman’ Mac Con Mara.
In StH 30 (1998–1999), pp. 155–166.
Examines a biographical note (1836) on Brian Merriman, from NLI G 844; includes facsimile and transcription.

Ó Canann (Tomás G.): Ua Canannáin genealogies in the Irish manuscript tradition.
In StH 30 (1998–1999), pp. 167–229.
Studies the origin legends, lineage branchings and pedigrees of the Ua Canannáin kings of pre-Norman Tír Conaill. Appendix: transcripts of the twenty-one recensions of Ua Canannáin pedigrees, from the Book of Leinster, NLI G 2, TCD H 2. 7, RIA 23 P 12, etc.

Young (Simon): Brigid of Kildare in early medieval Tuscany.
In StH 30 (1998–1999), pp. 251–255.

Breeze (Andrew): An Irish etymology for bentule ‘woman beggar’.
In StH 30 (1998–1999), pp. 257–258.
< bean tsiúil ‘female vagrant’.