Studia Hibernica 28 (1994)
Coláiste Phádraig
Etchingham (Colmán): Bishops in the early Irish church: a reassessment.
In StH 28 (1994), pp. 35–62.
Discusses episcopal status, powers and jurisdiction, with particular reference to the Collectio canonum Hibernensis.

Buttimer (Cornelius G.): Cogadh Sagsana nuadh sonn: reporting the American Revolution.
In StH 28 (1994), pp. 63–101.
Edition from MS RIA 24 C 57 of a text based on a letter published in 1778 in The Freeman’s Journal (also includes source text); with full discussion.

Ó Háinle (Cathal): Abhráin grádh Chúige Connacht: saothar ceannródaíochta?
In StH 28 (1994), pp. 117–143.
Hyde (Douglas)

Keogh (Raymond M.): Does the Armorican forest hold the key to Saint Patrick’s escape?
In StH 28 (1994), pp. 145–157.
Re-examines the chronology of the events in the life of St. Patrick, arguing in favour of the traditionalist view.