Frykenberg (Brian R.) (ed.), Hollo (Kaarina) (ed.): Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium: Volume VI, 1986 / edited by Brian R. Frykenberg and Kaarina Hollo.
Cambridge, MA: Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, 1986. viii + 189 pp.


Koch (John T.): New thoughts on Albion, Iernē, and the Pretanic Isles.
In PHCC 6 (1986), pp. 1–28.
Discusses the following Old and Middle Irish toponyms and ethnonyms: Albu, Ériu, Letha, Goídel, Féni.

Swartz (Dorothy Dilts): Balance in the Book of Leinster Táin bó Cúailnge and in classical rhetoric.
In PHCC 6 (1986), pp. 29–46.
Argues that its redactor employed a classical rhetorical technique.

Carey (John): Questions of interpolation in the opening cantos of Saltair na Rann.
In PHCC 6 (1986), pp. 69–82.
Studies the structure of cantos I-III.

Nilsen (Kenneth E.): The Nova Scotia Gael in Boston.
In PHCC 6 (1986), pp. 83–100.

O’Leary (Philip): “Children of the same mother” : Gaelic relations with the other Celtic revival movements 1882–1916.
In PHCC 6 (1986), pp. 101–130.

Patterson (Nerys): The O’Doran legal family and the sixteenth-century recensions of the pseudo-historical prologue to the Senchas Már.
In PHCC 6 (1986), pp. 131–149.
Emphasises the role of the O’Doran legal family in the transmission of the Prologue on the grounds of their association with the main text in MS Harley 432.