McLaughlin (Roisin): Early Irish satire.
Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2008. xi + 300 pp.
Texts include: (chap. 2) An Old Irish tract on satire [beg. Cis lir fodlai aíre, reconstructed from Book of Ballymote, Book of Uí Maine and NLS Gaelic 1; with English translation, manuscript readings and notes, and including the text of a shorter version found in TCD H 3. 18]; (chap. 3) The Old Irish heptad on satire [no. 33, beg. A-táat secht cenéla aíre le Féniu; restored text based on Rawl. B 487 and TCD H 3. 18, followed by diplomatic text of the glosses and commentary in Rawl. B 487; with English translation and notes]; (chap. 4) A miscellany of medieval Irish satires [an edition of the satires cited in Mittelirische Verslehren III (ed. by R. Thurneysen 1891 [Best1, p. 53]); 86 poems, normalized from the six extant witnesses, with linguistic and metrical analysis, manuscript readings, English translation and notes].

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