Éigse: a journal of Irish studies 36 (2008)
National University of Ireland
Downey (Clodagh): Trí croind Éirenn oiregdha: a medieval poem on three famous trees of Ireland.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 1–34.
29 qq., ascribed to Cúán (ua Lóthcháin?), semi-diplomatic text from RIA D ii 1 (Book of Uí Maine); with English translation and notes.

Ó Riain (Gordon): Early modern technical verse from NLI G 3.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 35–42.
9 qq., diplomatic text and critical edition. First line: A aos dána, is aithnidh damh; with English translation.

Breatnach (Pádraig A.): Scríbhinní i láimh Eoghain Ruaidh Mhic an Bhaird.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 43–62.
Draws attention to a manuscript (Franciscan MS A 14 f. ix) written in the same hand that wrote the poem Dána an turas trialltar sonn found in MS Brussels 6131-33 (identified by Míchéal Ó Cléirigh as an autograph of Eoghan Ruadh Mac an Bhaird), and presents evidence from the material in that document that Mac an Bhaird was its author.

Bloch-Trojnar (Maria): The morphophonology of verbal nouns in Modern Irish.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 63–81.
Studies the various terminations with the aim of establishing the rules governing the formation of verbal nouns.

Ó Riain (Gordon): The consonant cluster -rdh-.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 82–86.

Ó Sé (Diarmuid): Word stress in Munster Irish.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 87–112.
Reviews the previous scholarly literature on the subject.

Breatnach (Caoimhín): On the transmission, text and authorship of the poem ‘Mac an Cheannaí'.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 113–131.

Breatnach (Pádraig A.): Changed loyalties in Thomond.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 132–137.
Edition of a poem (7 qq.) ascribed to Eoghan Mac Craith. First line: Slán le sinnsearaibh Síl dTáil; with English translation.

Breatnach (P. A.): Varia: 1. ‘Attack on an ignorant scholar’.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 138–140.
Anonymous satirical poem. First line: Do-ní tusa, a sheanchaidh chaoich (4 qq.). From BL Additional 40776 and UCC Murphy 55; no translation.

Breatnach (P. A.): Varia: 2. Truagh do chor a chroidhe tim (Eoghan Ruadh Mac an Bhaird), q. 17.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 140–142.
Provides q. 17, omitted by O. Bergin 1925 (Best2 1740). From MSS Brussels 6131-33 and the Book of O’Connor Don; with English translation.

Breatnach (P. A.): Varia: 3. Díoth ollamh easbhuidh Laighean (Éigse 27, 101–14).
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 142–144.
Examines the relationship between MS Abbotsford Library E 2 and its exemplar MS RIA 24 P 41.

Griffin-Wilson (Margo): Bedding and blessing in an Irish wedding crosántacht.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 145–168.
Slán ma do phósadh, a Dhomhnuill Mhég Nosa. Edited from BL Additional 40766; with commentary and English translation.

Ní Úrdail (Meidhbhín): Brian Merriman: guth aonair?
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 169–194.
Finds themes analogue to those of B. Merriman’s in the work of his 18th and 19th century contemporaries.

Coira (M. Pía): Law and the rhetoric of sovereignty in the poetry of Tadhg Óg Ó hUiginn.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 195–214.
Discusses Tadhg Óg’s familiarity with legal language and principle. Includes a list of first lines of all poems ascribed to this poet.

Ó Riain (Gordon): Some identifications of citations in the grammatical tracts.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 215–216.
Provides 10 identifications.