Penguin classics.
Harmondsworth: Penguin.
Gantz (Jeffrey) (trans.): Early Irish myths and sagas / translated with an introduction and notes by Jeffrey Gantz.
Penguin Classics. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1981. vi + 280 pp.
Contains: The wooing of Étaín; The destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel; The dream of Óengus; The cattle raid of Fróech; The labour pains of the Ulaid & the twins of Macha; The birth of Cú Chulaind; The boyhood deeds of Cú Chulaind; The death of Aífe’s only son; The wasting sickness of Cú Chulaind & the only jealousy of Emer; The tale of Macc Da Thó's pig; The intoxication of the Ulaid; Bricriu’s feast; The exile of the sons of Uisliu.