Ollodagos: actes de la Société Belge d’Études Celtiques 14/2 (2000)
Société Belge d’Études Celtiques
Vol. 14 (2000), pp. 179-317.
Sergent (Bernard): Elcmar, Nechtan, Óengus: qui est qui?
In Ollodagos 14/2 (2000), pp. 179–276.
ad C. Sterckx, Dieux d’eau: Apollons celtes et gaulois, Bruxelles 1996. Argues that Lug and Óengus are respectively the only apollinean divinity and the only hermaic divinity in the Celtic pantheon, while Nechtan (who can also be named Manannán and Núada) is the water-god and primordial king with healing attributes.