Scottish studies: the journal of the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh 31 (1992–1993)
School of Scottish Studies
Vol. 31 for 1992-1993.
Black (Ronald I.): An emigrant’s letter in Arran Gaelic, 1834.
In ScS 31 (1992–1993), pp. 63–87.
Text, with English translation. In Appendix: William Ross’s lampoon on Arran Gaelic [a poem (9 verses) containing numerous Arran features; with English translation and notes].

Cheape (Hugh): Crogans and Barvas Ware: handmade pottery in the Hebrides.
In ScS 31 (1992–1993), pp. 109–128.

Bruford (Alan), MacDonald (Donald A.): Nasg: a West Highland tethering device.
In ScS 31 (1992–1993), pp. 136–142.

Sydeserff (David): Clawbare, otherwise Ruchlaw West Mains, Stenton, East Lothian (O.S. NT 617 729).
In ScS 31 (1992–1993), pp. 142–144.
A place name containing ScG clàbair.