Scottish studies: the journal of the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh 23 (1979)
School of Scottish Studies
B. R. S. Megaw, associate editor.

Rev. by
Séamas Ó Catháin, in Béaloideas 50 (1982), pp. 198-200.
Scott (William W.): John of Fordun’s description of the Western Isles.
In ScS 23 (1979), pp. 1–13.
On the source of the Scottish and Manx placenames mentioned in Chronica gentis Scottorum II.10.

Buchan (David): The legend of the Lughnasa musician in Lowland Britain.
In ScS 23 (1979), pp. 15–37.

Miller (Molly): The last century of Pictish succession.
In ScS 23 (1979), pp. 39–67.

MacQueen (John): Pennyland and Davoch in South-Western Scotland: a preliminary note.
In ScS 23 (1979), pp. 69–74.
Discusses the following place-names elements: 1. peighinn; 2. leithpheighinn; 3. fàirdean; 4. dabhach; 5. ceathramh.

Megaw (Basil): Note on ‘Pennyland and Davoch in South-Western Scotland’.
In ScS 23 (1979), pp. 75–77.
ad John MacQueen, in ScS 23.69ff.