School of Scottish Studies
B. R. S. Megaw, associate editor.

Rev. by
Tomás Ó Concheanainn, in Éigse 17/4 (1978-1979), pp. 583-584.
Bannerman (John): The MacLachlans of Kilbride and their manuscripts.
In ScS 21 (1977), pp. 1–34.
Investigates the background of the Kilbride Collection in the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Gillies (William): Courtly and satiric poems in the Book of the Dean of Lismore.
In ScS 21 (1977), pp. 35–53.

Matheson (William): Aonghus nan Aoir: a case of mistaken identity.
In ScS 21 (1977), pp. 105–108.
Argues that the Aonghus nan Aoir of Scottish oral tradition was mistaken for the notorious Irish bard Aonghas Ó Dálaigh (alias Aonghas na nAor) by G. Henderson 1910 (Best1, p. 200).

Lyle (E. B.): Mony kings, mony queens and its possible link with seasonal custom.
In ScS 21 (1977), pp. 109–113.
On the Gaelic (particularly Manx) background of this Scottish ballad.