School of Scottish Studies
B. R. S. Megaw, associate editor.

Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 15 (1976-1978), pp. 396-404.
Brian Ó Cuív, in Éigse 15/3 (Samhradh, 1974), pp. 258-260.
MacQueen (J.): The Gaelic speakers of Galloway and Carrick.
In ScS 17 (1973), pp. 17–33.
Includes a discussion of the Gaelic place-names of Wigtownshire, Kirkcudbright Stewartry, Carrick, and Dumfries.

Taylor (A. B.): Cape Wrath and its various names.
In ScS 17 (1973), p. 61.
ScG (Am) Parph.

Sellar (W. D. H.): The earliest Campbells: Norman, Briton or Gael?
In ScS 17 (1973), pp. 109–125.

MacDonald (Aidan): Annat in Scotland: a provisional review.
In ScS 17 (1973), pp. 135–146.
Argues that the element annaid (< OIr. andóit) in Scottish place names was in the broadened meaning of `(site of an) old church’. Includes a list of occurrences of Annat.

Bruford (Alan): The king’s questions (AT 922) in Scotland.
In ScS 17 (1973), pp. 147–154.
Includes the Scottish Gaelic folktale Domhnall Ruadh agus an claban, recorded from Donald John MacKinnon, of Barra, in 1972 (with English translation).

Fraser (Ian): The place-names of Illeray.
In ScS 17 (1973), pp. 155–161.