Scottish language 17 (1998): A selection of papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on the Languages of Scotland and Ulster, Aberdeen 1–5 August 1997.
Association for Scottish Literary Studies
Cox (Richard A. V.): Tokenism in Gaelic: the language of appeasement.
In ScotL 17 (1998), pp. 70–81.

Kirk (John M.), Millar (Georgina): Verbal aspect in the Scots and English of Ulster.
In ScotL 17 (1998), pp. 82–107.
On the aspectual uses of ‘be’ and ‘do be’ (and their inflected variants ‘bes’ and ‘does be’) in Ulster English.

Grannd (Seumas): Some influences on the Gaelic of Cape Breton.
In ScotL 17 (1998), pp. 119–128.