Scottish language 13 (1994)
Association for Scottish Literary Studies
Taylor (Simon): Some early Scottish place-names and Queen Margaret.
In ScotL 13 (1994), pp. 1–17.
Examines the names of the places granted to the church by Queen Margaret and Malcolm III [particularly Pitbauchlie, Pitliver, Pardusin and Kirkcaldy].

Häcker (Martina): Subordinate and-clauses in Scots and Hiberno-English: origin and development.
In ScotL 13 (1994), pp. 34–50.
Argues against the influence of Gaelic in the origin of this construction.

Breeze (Andrew): Middle English tod ‘fox’, Old Irish táid ‘thief’.
In ScotL 13 (1994), pp. 51–53.
Argues Sc. and north. Engl. tod < OIr. táid.

MacDonald (Roderick): A dictionary ramble.
In ScotL 13 (1994), pp. 82–87.
Comments on the possible Gaelic origin of the Scots words skalk, scaulin pyock, skail, polk breik, cateran, brybour, gluntoch/gluntow.