Scottish Gaelic studies 23 (2007)
University of Aberdeen
Arbuthnot (Sharon): Medieval etymology, knives, Scone and Skene.
In SGS 23 (2007), pp. 1–19.
On a possible etymological tradition in Agallamh na senórach connecting the personal name Dolbh Scóinne, the place name Dún Scóine and the word sciän with Scone in Perthshire.

Forte (A. D. M.): ‘Ane horss turd’? Sir John Skene of Curriehill: a Gaelic-speaking lawyer in the courts of James VI?
In SGS 23 (2007), pp. 21–51.
Particularly on some Irish legal terms contained in Skene’s De verborum significatione and Regiam majestatem.

Breeze (Andrew): Scots fary ‘tumult’ and Gaelic faire ‘look out’.
In SGS 23 (2007), pp. 53–56.

Ó Baoill (Colm): Robert Campbell, Forsair Choire an t-Sìth.
In SGS 23 (2007), pp. 57–84.
On the identification of Robert Campbell, author of the laudatory poem to Edward Lhuyd in the preface to Archaeologia Britannica; includes text from TCD H 5. 20 and English translation.

Galloway (John): Language shift and cultural change in the Gàidhealtachd: what prospect for the cultural identity?
In SGS 23 (2007), pp. 201–212.
Repr. in BSLCP 20 (2011), pp. 36-43.