Scottish Gaelic studies 20 (2000)
University of Aberdeen
Gillies (William): Alexander Carmichael and Clann Mhuirich.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 1–66.
Examines material from the Carmichael-Watson papers which relates to the Mac Mhuirich bardic family.

Clancy (Thomas Owen): A Gaelic polemic quatrain from the reign of Alexander I, ca. 1113.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 88–96.
Olc a ndearna mac Mael Colaim; text from NLI G 3. With English translation and commentary.

Gunderloch (Anja): Donnchadh Bàn’s Òran do Bhlàr na h-Eaglaise Brice: literary allusion and political comment.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 97–116.

Wentworth (Roy G.): An dàrnacha beum ann an òrain na Gàidhlig.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 117–146.
Includes a glossary of metrical terms.

Ó Macháin (Pádraig): Sir Walter Scott’s Irish manuscript.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 146–155.
Description of the contents of a MS kept in Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford house, Melrose, Roxburghshire (shelfmark E 2).

Ó Baoill (Colm): Of Mar.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 165–169.
Discusses the Gaelic place-name Marr, in particular the original form of its genitive.

Dumville (David N.): Cethri prímchenéla Dáil Riata.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 170–191.
A discussion of this genealogical treatise; includes transcripts from the six extant manuscript witnesses.

Downham (Clare): An imaginary Viking-raid on Skye in 795?
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 192–196.
ad AU 795.3; MS scri to be interpreted as scrín.

Arbuthnot (Sharon): Fíthal in Cóir anmann.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 197–200.
Traces the history of the entry beginning Fíthal ocus Cithruad in the H 4. 8 copy of Cóir anmann.

Jones (George): Beagan mu’n stad ghlotasach ann an Gàidhlig ceann a deas Earraghaidheil.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 201–211.
Examines the occurence of the glottal stop in the Gaelic of a traditional speaker from Jura.

Cox (Richard A. V.): The phonological development of Scottish Gaelic uinneag ‘window’ and related questions.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 212–221.

McLeod (Wilson): Gàidhealtachd and Galldachd: some further notes.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 222–224.
Additional notes to W. McLeod, in SGS 19 (1999), pp. 1-20.