Scottish Gaelic studies 18 (1998): In memory of Dr John Lorne Campbell of Canna.
University of Aberdeen
Rev. by
Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail, in Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 190-192.
Campbell (John Lorne) (hon.)
Bosch (Anna): The syllable in Scottish Gaelic dialect studies.
In SGS 18 (1998), pp. 1–22.

Hudson (Benjamin T.): The language of the Scottish Chronicle and its European context.
In SGS 18 (1998), pp. 57–73.

Loughran (Anne): Ceann dubh díleas/Cuir a chinn dìlis: a group of Irish and Scottish Gaelic songs.
In SGS 18 (1998), pp. 75–88.
Appendix I: Eighteenth and early nineteenth century publications of the air of Ceann dubh díleas/Cuir a chinn dìlis; Appendix I: Scottish versions of Cuir a chinn dìlis; Appendix III: Irish versions of Ceann dubh díleas.

Ó Baoill (Colm): Caismeachd Ailean nan Sop: towards a definitive text.
In SGS 18 (1998), pp. 89–110.
Examines the poem beg. 'S mithich dhuinne mar bhun umblachd, found in MS Nova Scotia Archives, MG15G/2/2; with metrical and textual commentary, normalised text, interpretation.

Sugg (Laura S.): Summary list of items 488 to 576 in the Carmichael-Watson Collection.
In SGS 18 (1998), pp. 131–165.
Description of items in the Edinburgh University Library concerning Alexander Carmichael (1832-1912) and Carmina Gadelica.

Tratnik (Dorothee): Three poems from County Cork in praise of Bobbing John.
In SGS 18 (1998), pp. 167–174.
Three poems in praise of John Erskine, 23rd Earl of Mar, who led the Jacobite rising of 1715: 1. As mac do Mhars an Marso a nAlbain tuaidh (ascribed to Donnchadh Caol Ó Mathghamhna); 2. Más mac do Mhars an Marso a nAlabain aoírd (by Conchubhar Ó Briain); 3. Ó d’éirig Mar mar Mhars a néalaibh thuaidh (without ascription). Based on MS RIA A iv 2; with English translation.

Breeze (Andrew): Common Gaelic básaire ‘executioner’: Middle Scots basare ‘executioner’.
In SGS 18 (1998), pp. 186–187.

Hamp (Eric P.): Easter Ross iad-sa.
In SGS 18 (1998), p. 188.
ad Seosamh Watson, in SGS 14/2 (1986), pp. 51–93.