Ó Concheanainn (Tomás): Scríobhaithe Leacáin Mhic Fhir Bhisigh.
In Celtica 19 (1987), pp. 141–175.
Includes discussion of [1.] Giolla Íosa Mór (M. Donnchaidh Mhóir) Mac Fhir Bhisigh; [2.] the date of writing of the Book of Lecan (MS RIA 23 P 2); [3.] Murchadh Ó Cuinnlis (also scribe of Leabhar Breac (MS RIA 24 P 16); [4.] identification of fourth hand in the Book of Lecan as Tomás Cam Mac Fhir Bhisigh; also scribe of MS NLI G 4; [5.] identification of three hands in the Yellow Book of Lecan (MS TCD 1318 (H 2.16), cols 537-958, as Murchadh Ó Cuinnlis, Tomás Cam Mac Fhir Bhisigh, and Ádhamh Ó Cuirnín; [6.] identification of hands of Giolla Íosa Mór Mac Fhir Bhisigh and Tomás Cam in MS NLS 72.1.8, and Ádhamh Ó Cuirnín in MS NLS 72.1.1; [7.] Solamh Ó Droma; [8.] 'The Yellow Book of Lecan proper’;[9.] old sources in the possession of Clann Fhir Bhisigh; [10.] Dubháltach mac Séamuis Mac Fhir Bhisigh; [11.] Dubháltach Óg Mac Fhir Bhisigh. Contains 6 pls (MS facss).



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