Breeze (Andrew): The charter of Christ in medieval English, Welsh and Irish.
In Celtica 19 (1987), pp. 111–120.
Refers to four Irish instances of the theme of the charter of Christ: (1) Cairt a síothchána ag síol Ádhaimh by Tadhg Óg Ó hUiginn (†1448) (see L. McKenna, Dán Dé (1922), no. 3 [Best2 1323]); (2) Braon re dubhadh diomdha Dé (see L. McKenna, Aithdioghluim dána (1939), no. 84 [Best2 1692]); (3) Seacht dtroighe mo thír dhúthaigh by Philip Bocht Ó hUiginn (†1487) (see L. McKenna, Philip Bocht Ó hUiginn (1931), no. 21 [Best2 1728]); (4) a prose translation of The long charter of Christ (B-text) by Uilliam Mac an Leagha, dated to ca. 1461-63, contained in MSS King’s Inns 10, BL Additional 11809, and RIA 3 B 22.



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