Emania: bulletin of the Navan Research Group 14 (1996): Focus on Haughey’s Fort.
Navan Research Group
Muhr (Kay): The East Ulster perspective on the Ulster Cycle tales.
In Emania 14 (1996), pp. 51–63.

Sayers (William): Homeric echoes in Táin bó Cúailnge?
In Emania 14 (1996), pp. 65–73.

Sterckx (Claude): A Celtic Apollo at Navan?
In Emania 14 (1996), pp. 75–76.

Warner (Richard): Navan and Apollo.
In Emania 14 (1996), pp. 77–81.
Suggests that a counterpart of classical Apollo was known and worshipped in pagan Ireland, and that his attributes were transferred to local divinities which subsequently surface in Irish literature as Conmáel mac Ébir and later but more importantly Cú Chulainn.