Emania: bulletin of the Navan Research Group 10 (1992): Focus on the Ulster Cycle.
Navan Research Group
Olmsted (Garrett): The earliest narrative version of the Táin: seventh-century poetic references to Táin bó Cúailnge.
In Emania 10 (1992), pp. 5–17.
Translation of Conailla Medb míchuru attributed to Luccreth moccu Chíara, Verba Scáthaige (Imbe eirr hengaile) and the ‘Mórrígan’s rosc' (In fitir in dub dusáim can eric). These are identified as containing seventh-century fragments of the Táin bó Cúailgne including references to an early version of the Aided Fraích episode.

Hollo (Kaarina): The Feast of Bricriu and the exile of the sons of Dóel Dermait.
In Emania 10 (1992), pp. 18–24.
From MS TCD H 2. 16 (Yellow Book of Lecan); translation only.

Hartwell (B. N.) (comp.): Index to Emania 1–10.
In Emania 10 (1992), pp. 68–76.