Ó Con Cheanainn (Tomás): Táin bó Cuailnge: roinnt nótaí ar leagan I.
In Celtica 25 (2007), pp. 166–174.
Discusses the question of the interrelationship of the MSS containing recension I of Táin bó Cuailnge, and concludes that the text of Lebor na hUidre is superior to that of the Yellow Book of Lecan. This view is supported principally by the textual analysis of the reference to Cú Chulainn lighting fire for Conchobar occurring in YBL 19r b 35-45 but absent in LU: it is argued that the loss by homoioteleuton detected in LU at lines 4945-46 by R. I. Best and O. Bergin 1929 (Best2 877) can be better explained as an interpolation by the editor of the YBL version of recension I, probably Giolla Íosa Mac Fhir Bhisigh, who used LU.



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