Ó Cuív (Brian): Some items relating to the MacDonnells of Antrim.
In Celtica 16 (1984), pp. 139–156.
[1] Text of Ó Duibhgheannáin document (beg. Labhram ann so mar do rinne Coluim Cille síth [ …] from MS London, Lambeth Carew 621, wr. in 1618 by Cú Choigcríche Ó Duibhgheannáin; with the contemporary Engl. transl.); [2] Text of Mac Domhnaill genealogy (from MS London, Lambeth Carew 635, written, not earlier than 1618, by Fear Flatha Ó Gnímh); [3] Verses on the second Earl of Antrim (fragm. of four quatrains in MS TCD H 3. 18, wr. by Fear Flatha Ó Gnímh; beg. Ainmnigh ria ccách ceann a ccionn, with Engl. transl.); [4] An Ó Gnímh genealogy (comparison of entries in MSS RIA E iv 4, D i 3 and 23 M 17, and Dubhaltach Mac Fir Bhisigh’s ‘Abstract’ of genealogies in MSS RIA 24 N 2 and Maynooth B 8; with a geneal. table).



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