Scottish Gaelic studies 13/1 (Autumn, 1978)
University of Aberdeen
Vol. 13, pp. 1-144.

Rev. by
N. J. A. Williams, in Éigse 18/1 (1980), pp. 145-146.
Campbell (John L.): Notes on Hamish Robertson’s ‘Studies in Carmichael’s Carmina Gadelica'.
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 1–17.
ad H. Robertson, in SCS 12/2, pp. 220–262.

Gillies (William): The Gaelic poems of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy (I).
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 18–45.
Poems by Donnchadh Caimbeul of Glenorchy: 1. Teachtaire cuireas i gcéin (4 qq.); 2. Fada ó mhalluigh Dia na mná (6 qq.); 3. Atá amhghar fá na mnáibh (6 qq.); 4. Uch, is mise an giolla mór (4 qq.). Transcribed and restored form the Book of the Dean of Lismore; with English translation and notes.

[Continued in SGS 13/2 (Summer, 1981), pp. 263-288.]

Black (Ronald): Poems by Maol Domhnaigh Ó Muirgheasáin (II).
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 46–55.
Cia as urra d’ainm an iarthair (32 qq.). Critical edition from MSS RIA 23 M 29, 23 L 37, 23 N 11, 23 N 13, F vi 2, 24 M 30, and Maynooth M1; with English translation and notes.

[Continued from SGS 12/2 (Autumn, 1976), pp. 194–208].

Bannerman (John), Black (Ronald): A sixteenth-century Gaelic letter.
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 56–65.
From NLS 72.1.33 (Gaelic XXXIII). Text (7 lines), translation, textual notes, commentary.

Ahlqvist (Anders): On preposed adverbials.
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 66–80.
Discusses the syntax of fronted adverbials in Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx.

MacAulay (Donald): Intra-dialectal variation as an area of Gaelic linguistic research.
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 81–97.

Dorian (Nancy C.): The preservation of the vocative in a dying Gaelic dialect.
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 98–102.
Refers to East Sutherland Gaelic.

Lockwood (W. B.): Chr. Matras’ studies on the Gaelic element in Faroese: conclusions and results.
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 112–126.
Surveys eight publications by Christian Matras (1900-1988) on Irish loan words in Faeroese, focusing particularly on the loans from dronn, bláthach, *slabac, dais, cró, tarb, ScG làmh chearr (< OIr. *lám cherr), muirean (or muirín, muiríneach, etc.), sopp, áirge.
Matras (Christian) (ref.)

Gillies (William): An Irish manuscript in Scotland.
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 127–129.
Describes an Ossianic manuscript written 1812×1837.

Dumville (David): Primarius cohortis in Adomnán’s Life of Columba.
In SGS 13/1 (Autumn, 1978), pp. 130–131.
ad Vita Columbae §I.33 (as ed. by A. O. Anderson and M. O. Anderson 1961).