Studia Celtica 35 (2001)
University of Wales Press
Rev. by
Karl Horst Schmidt, in ZCP 54 (2004), pp. 308-311.
McCarthy (Daniel): Topographical characteristics of the Vita Prima and Vita Cogitosi Sanctae Brigitae.
In StC 35 (2001), pp. 245–270.
Studies Cogitosus’ style and method of composition, and argues in favour of the priority of Vita I over Cogitosus’ Vita.

Arbuthnot (Sharon): The manuscript tradition of Cóir anmann.
In StC 35 (2001), pp. 285–298.
Studies the interrelationship of the ‘shorter’ and ‘longer’ recensions, as well as the position of the NLI G 2 version in the stemma codicum.

Nikolaeva (Natalia): The drink of death.
In StC 35 (2001), pp. 299–306.
On two kennings for blood in Old Irish: deog tonnaid, occurring 3× in Togail bruidne Da Derga, and melg theme, occurring 1×in Amrae Con Roi.

Young (Simon): A note on St Patrick’s Confessio: Gloria patris est.
In StC 35 (2001), p. 360.
ad §47.