Studia Celtica 32 (1998)
University of Wales Press
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 35 (2003), pp. 414-417.
Karl Horst Schmidt, in ZCP 53 (2003), pp. 353-358.
Sjöblom (Tom): Before geis became magical: a study of the evolution of an early Irish religious concept.
In StC 32 (1998), pp. 85–94.
Critical anthropological assessment of D. Greene, Tabu in early Irish narrative, in Medieval narrative (1978), pp. 9-19.

Evans (Robert): Old High German fiuhta: the phonological evidence for a possible Germanic borrowing from Proto-Celtic.
In StC 32 (1998), pp. 271–276.
Discusses the form of OIr. ochtach in Proto-Celtic and its relationship to OHG fiuhta and fiohta (cf. ModG Fichte).

Falileyev (Alexander): Father of muse and son of inspiration.
In StC 32 (1998), pp. 277–278.
Discusses OIr. mac uad (Corm. Y 599) and its relationship to W tad awen (in Talhaearn’s epithet Tat Aguen).