Greene (David): Cró, crú and similar words.
In Celtica 15 (1983), pp. 1–9.
Revises the corresponding entries in DIL and concludes that all meanings derive from one of three basic words cruë, crú, cráo. Deals in particular with: 1. OIr. cruë ‘hoof’; 2. OIr. cráo ‘enclosure’, (a) ‘socket, hoop (of lance), eye (of needle)', (b) ‘box, container’; 3. OIr. croüd, (a) croüd ‘bringing into, caring for in, an enclosure’, (b) EModIr. crúdh ‘collecting’, (c) EModIr. crúdh ‘milking’, (d) MIr. ?crúdh ‘plundering’; 4. OIr. crú ‘gore, blood’; 5. OIr. cró ‘wound; death; wergild’, (a) cró ‘wound’, (b) ‘violent death’, (c) ‘wergild’; 6. Later Ir. cró ‘inheritable property’, (a) cró ‘inheritable property’, (b) cro[dh]aighe ‘heir’.



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