The bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 27/4 (May, 1978)
University of Wales Press
Rev. by
Édouard Bachellery, in ÉtC 17 (1980), pp. 333-341.
Sims-Williams (Patrick): ‘Is it fog or smoke or warriors fighting?': Irish and Welsh parallels to the Finnsburgh fragment.
In BBCS 27/4 (May, 1978), pp. 505–514.

Bammesberger (Alfred): Nodiadau amrywiol: [1.] Old English broc and Middle Irish broc(c).
In BBCS 27/4 (May, 1978), pp. 552–554.
Argues MIr. broc(c) ‘grief’ is a borrowing from Old English.

Price (Glanville): Gaelic in Scotland at the end of the eighteenth century: the evidence of the Statistical account of Scotland [1791–9].
In BBCS 27/4 (May, 1978), pp. 561–568; 28/2 (May 1979), pp. 234-247.