The bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 26/4 (May 1976)
University of Wales Press
Vol. 26, pp. 375-529.

Rev. by
Édouard Bachellery, in ÉtC 16 (1979), pp. 317-325.
Lockwood (W. B.) (ed.): Nodiadau amrywiol: [1.] collie and porbeagle: two Celtic loans in English.
In BBCS 26/4 (May 1976), pp. 411–413.
Engl. collie < ScG cuilean.

Williams (N. J. A.): Nodiadau amrywiol: [4.] ederyn drydwen.
In BBCS 26/4 (May 1976), p. 424.
Argues that an expression in the second branch of the Mabinogi directly reflects unattested OIr. precursor of *éan druide ‘young of the starling’.

Mac Mathúna (Liam): Some words for `(man-made) ridge’ in Irish: fu(i)th(a)irbe; immaire; indra, indrad.
In BBCS 26/4 (May 1976), pp. 445–449.