Études celtiques 33 (1997)
CNRS Éditions
Rev. by
Karl Horst Schmidt, in ZCP 52 (2001), pp. 338-341.
Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: [2.] Irish lue ‘rudder’.
In ÉtC 33 (1997), pp. 81–82.

Schmidt (Karl Horst): Zur Konzeption einer historisch-vergleichenden Analyse des keltischen Lexikons.
In ÉtC 33 (1997), pp. 83–101.

MacQuarrie (Charles W.): Insular Celtic tattooing: history, myth, and metaphor.
In ÉtC 33 (1997), pp. 159–189.
Discusses the phrases signa diabolica and stigmatibus malignis occurring in Vita prima Sanctae Brigitae, as well as other references to tattoos in early Irish literature.

Sailer (Susan Shaw): Leaps, curses and flight: Suibne Geilt and the roots of early Irish culture.
In ÉtC 33 (1997), pp. 191–208.
Discusses beliefs and practices concerning curses, leaping and flight as they occur in Buile Suibne and in early Christian material.