Études celtiques 29 (1992)
CNRS Éditions
= Actes du IXe Congrès international d’études celtiques, Paris, 7-12 juillet 1991. Deuxième partie: linguistique, littératures.

Rev. by
Paul Russell, in StC 29 (1995), pp. 309-311.
Karl Horst Schmidt, in ZCP 47 (1995), pp. 248-254.


Kelly (Fergus): Early Irish law: the present state of research.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 15–23.

Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): L’accent indo-européen et le verbe celtique.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 43–50.
vs. J. T. Koch, Prosody and the Old Celtic verbal complex, in Ériu 38 (1987), pp. 143–176.

Republ. in Lindeman studies, pp. 190-197.

Mac Cana (Proinsias): On the early development of written narrative prose in Irish and Welsh.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 51–67.

Alonso (Fernando): Galician legends about miraculous sea-voyages in stone boats: some Irish and Breton parallels.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 89–95.

Bammesberger (Alfred): Quelques formes du prétérit en celtique continental.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 97–103.
On the Continental Celtic antecedents of some Old Irish reduplicated preterites.

Bray (Dorothy Ann): Saint Brigit and the fire from Heaven.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 105–113.

Cox (Richard A. V.): The Norse element in Scottish Gaelic.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 136–145.
Examines the phonology and morphology of both lexical and toponymic loan material.

Denvir (Gearóid): Tradition et innovation dans la poésie orale du Conamara aujourd’hui.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 147–160.

Edel (Doris R.): Táin bó Cúailnge and the dynamics of the matter of Ulster.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 161–170.
Discusses the genesis and growth of the Táin.

Repr. in The Celtic West and Europe, pp. 208-215.

Hamp (Eric P.): Gaulish sunartiu.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 215–221.
Concerns Old Irish derivates of nert: sonairt, sonartae, fornert, fornairt. Includes an appendix on the Celtic reflexes for the Proto-Indo-European syllabic sonants.

Kalyguine (Victor): Quelques aspectes mythologiques de la tradition grammaticale vieil-irlandaise.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 241–248.
Studies in particular the terms dechned, díchned, cennḟochrus, condáil, delidin.

Koch (John T.): Further to tongu do día toinges mo thúath, etc.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 249–261.
Argues in favour of a Common Celtic origin for this Old Irish formula.

Mac Craith (Mícheál): Charlotte Brooke: a romantic metaphysical?
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 271–284.
Examines the structure of the poem Féach orm, a inghean Eóghain (as ed. by T. F O’Rahilly, Dánta gr.2, no 56 [pp. 20-24]).

Mackey (J. P.): Christian past and primal present.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 285–297.
ad K. McCone, Pagan past and Christian present, 1990. On the nativist/antinativist controversy.

Ó Maolfabhail (Art): The role of toponymy in the Ordnance Survey of Ireland.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 319–325.

Ó Murchú (Liam P.): The literary asseveration in Irish.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 327–332.
Studies prepositional phrases consisting of dar + noun.

Olmsted (Garrett S.): Conailla Medb míchuru and the origins of the Táin.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 333–342.
Includes text and translation.

Picard (Jean-Michel): Les celticismes des hagiographes irlandais du viie siècle.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 355–373.
Studies the Celtic influence in the language of the following 7th-century Hiberno-Latin hagiological texts: Vita Patricii (Muirchú), Collectanea (Tírechán), Vita Brigitae (Cogitosus) and Vita Columbae (Adomnán).

Poli (Diego): Le divin porcher: un essai de comparaison.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 375–382.

Tristram (Hildegard L. C.): La razzia des vaches de Cúailnge et les archéologues.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 403–414.
On the dating of Táin bó Cúailnge.