Études celtiques 24 (1987)
CNRS Éditions
Rev. by
Karl Horst Schmidt, in ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 360-362.
Lambert (Pierre-Yves): Nécrologie de Léon Fleuriot (1923–1987).
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 9–11.
Bibliography of L.F. in ÉtC 25 (1988), pp. 379-384.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: 26. Early Irish abacc.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), p. 185.
ad LEIA A-5.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: 27. Celtic *reg- and *reig-.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 185–186.
Corrects the headword “2 reg-'' in LEIA R-15 to reig-.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: 28. Terms for ‘torch’ and stems for ‘kindle’: 1. OIr. a(i)thinne and atúd.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), p. 186.

Fleuriot (Léon): Brittonica et Gallica: 25. Breton moyen et moderne ru “campagne, maison champêtre” , irlandais róe “campagne” .
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 197–198.

Fleuriot (Léon): Brittonica et Gallica: 27. Rith er Gabail et Áth Gablae.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 200–201.
Draws attention to a “gué de la fourche” attested in both British and Irish.

Fleuriot (Léon): Brittonica et Gallica: 28. Gaulois bnanom brictom “magie des femmes” , brixtia anderon “magie des jeunes femmes” , irlandais moyen brichta ban “magie des femmes” , vieux-breton brith “magie” , gallois moyen lled-frith “magie” , brith-ron “baguette de magie” .
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 201–202.
Argues that OIr. brichta ban is the medieval survival of an ancient Celtic magical phrase.

Pontfarcy (Yolande de): Two late inaugurations of Irish kings.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 203–208.
Studies the structure and the symbolic meaning of the consecration of a king in Topographia Hiberniae and the Life of Colmán son of Lúachain, arguing in favour of the authenticity of these accounts.

Bray (Dorothy Ann): The image of St. Brigit in the early Irish church.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 209–215.
Examines the pagan elements in Brigit’s Life.

Lambert (Pierre-Yves): Les signes de renvois dans le Priscien de Saint-Gall.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 217–238.
Studies the form and usage of ‘reference marks’ in the Irish Priscianic manuscript tradition (also including the Carlsruhe, Berne and Würzburg MSS); with tables.

Mac Giolla Léith (Caoimhín): An Irish manuscript in the Bibliothèque Mazarine.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 239–252.
Description of the contents of MS Paris, Bibliothèque Mazarine, 4470.

Lejeune (Michel): Antonio Tovar.
In ÉtC 24 (1987), p. 329.