Études celtiques 19 (1982)
CNRS Éditions
Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: 7. Lexical renewal of ancient semantics.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 137–138.
ad C. Watkins, in Ériu 29 (1978), pp. 155-165. On the metaphorical value of OIr. clí.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: 9. Breton riou, OIr. reód.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 140–141.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: 10. Irish síd ‘tumulus’ and Irish síd ‘peace’.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 141–142.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: 11. OIr. seir, Welsh ffer, Ir. sírid; OIr. seirig.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 141–142.

Hamp (Eric P.): *-og- in British Celtic and notes on bro.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 143–149.
II. Welsh troed, Breton troad, OIr. droch: Suggests that OIr. droch and traig are two different agent nouns derived from the PIE root *dhregh- ‘run’.

Campanile (Enrico): Note sur vieil-irlandais bronnaid (une nouvelle concordance lexicale entre celtique et indo-iranien).
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 151–154.
Argues that OIr. -bria (subjunctive to bronnaid) is a suppletive form connected to unattested *brenaid, which can be reconstructed with the aid of Indo-Iranian from a PIE nasal present *bhri-n-eH-ti.

Bammesberger (Alfred): Le mot irlandais désignant l’œil.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 155–157.
Argues in favour of a semantic evolution sun > eye to support the derivation of OIr. súil ‘eye’ from PIE *sāwel/sūl- ‘sun’.

Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Varia: 1. Le gén. sg. des thèmes féminins en -ā en vieil-irlandais.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 159–160.
Suggests that an old genitival ending *-i(y)as underlies the -e of the Old Irish genitive singular of the ı̄-, - and ā-stems.

Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Note phonologique sur le type vieil-irlandais dinad(rícthe).
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 161–163.
Discusses the negative prepositional relatives, especially with regard to the presence of the relative particle in these constructions.

Olmsted (Garrett): Mórrígan’s warning to Donn Cuailnge.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 165–172.
Edition of the rosc passage at lines 957-962 of Táin bó Cúailnge (as ed. by C. O’Rahily, 1976), beg. In fitir in dub. Reconstructed from MSS Maynooth C 1, YBL, LL, LU, Stowe Missal; with English translation and textual notes.

Lambert (Pierre-Yves): Les gloses du manuscrit BN Lat. 10290.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 173–213.
3. Les gloses irlandaises: ad É. Bachellery, in ÉtC 11 (1964-1967), pp. 186-91.

Lambert (Pierre-Yves): Obituary of Cecile O’Rahilly.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), p. 326.